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Ремонт высоковольтных батарей ВВБ Lexus GS450h. Диагностика состояния тормозной жидкости и антифриза профессиональными тестерами производства Германии. Альфард самое то!!!Ну а для езды по городу меня есть эндурик Honda XR-250 BAJA!!! Байк ведь для души! The 2017 Cadenza is Kia’s take on the Toyota Avalon, and to a lesser extent the Chevrolet Impala or Ford Taurus: a big, roomy sedan built for comfort more than speed. The car is too stylized to go direct from this design to production, but it suggests the Genesis nameplate will have a compact car as well as midsize and full-size, along with a likely SUV.For the New York concept, at least, a big screen curves (slightly) around the driver’s position. Конечно же ЯПОНСКИЙ…и конечно же с ПРАВЫМ рулём!

Установка ДХО (дневных ходовых огней) в места штатных противотуманных фар. For 2017, the Acura MDX makes its AcuraWatch safety suite standard on every MDX sold (about 60,000 a year); no longer is it a $1,500 option you can ignore or miss when you go shopping. The bodykit adds menace to the new Prius, which already features the most rakish design yet for the hybrid car — with bold slashes and cuts all over. • Most economical cars The bodykits comprise new bumpers front and rear, with a matte black rear splitter on both. Buick also pimped the dashboard with a lot of chrome. It may be too much for some American tastes and right at home with the Chinese market, where Buick is doing well. Диагностика и ремонт Tesla Model S. Запчасти и аксессуары Тесла Модель S. Диагностика и ремонт электромобилей. Nissan Future Lab’s New Mobility Concept is a “final mile” vehicle for getting about in urban areas, a 92-inch EV with room for driver and a passenger behind.
This is the current version of the Mazda convertible (new in 2015) with a retractable metal hardtop. The new Impreza ships in late fall, Subaru says.Other New York show introductions of noteMazda MX-5 RF hardtop roadster. Давненько уже я ничего не писал…Соскучился по вашим коментариям.))) Короче говоря…продали мы наш замечательный праворульный гибрид Toyota Prius NHW-20 2007 года выпуска, который мы приобрели с аукциона в 2011 году и с моей женой Машей привезли с Владивостока своим ходом до Удмуртии за 8 дней. There you’ll find the new Nissan Titan, a mainstream pickup truck competing with the Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-150, GMC Sierra, and Ram 1500. It gets a 5.6-liter, 390-hpV8 engine with a V6 coming later.

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